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**** Political Rant Warning ****

Romeny is on the record to cut funding to PBS. Which would fund Defense for 6 hours. So for 40 years of work Big Bird, is worth less to the GOP than a official full time work day of office hours.

I mean millions of kids watched, and have watched PBS. Its where i learned how a Crayon is made, how to share, how a post office shorts mail, how to count and abc’s. So Mitt wants to throw extra educational tools away from children for 6 FUCKING HOURS of defense spending. 6 hours is less sleep than what is recommend to a adault.

I watch PBS every day with Abby (Her first favorite show was Curious George, we went to Curious George Live and I never saw a kid so Happy), and I hope to do the same with Addison. 

The Wonderful World of Hate

I would like to Open this with a quote from a Song by Devo

Beautiful World

It’s a beautiful world we live in
A sweet romantic place
Beautiful people everywhere
The way they show they care

      Like my reasonable grown ups, I dont think hate at any level is the correct thing to do. I am trying to raise my two daughters the same way. So Lets start today with the World of Hate and the fact that it isnt just common/regular people and that it is now in the government and well have been. But the issue I have is that hate speech is now a political tool that is now used to raise money, or even gain more power and makes gives you the nice idea that you can run for your party’s ticket.

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(Source: The Huffington Post)

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